Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aventura Magazine Rocks Sushi House

A strip mall is not normally where you'd find a rollicking, well-dressed, sunset soiree. Unless of course you live in South Florida in which case a strip mall constitutes 70% of most locations.

Last week Aventura Magazine welcomed new hotshot on the Biscayne block Sushi House for a grand opening smorgasboard to rival any Bar Mitzvah. The free drinks were flowing, and the sushi chefs could not make their fancy tempura/jalpeno/spicy octopus concoctions fast enough for this wily crowd. There was much feasting on tuna tartare on tortilla chips, ceviche, and seaweed salad galore.
The crowd was...mixed. There were trendy young professionals with cute dresses and fun haircuts and then there was the geriatric Williams Island crowd. Except these people must be the crazy rich types who tear napkins in half to make the stack last longer because they were chowing that free tempura like there was no tomorrow.

The Sushi House aims high, though. With decor that harkens the early days of the Delano (white curtains and lucite chandeliers, anyone?) and a long sleek marble bar running through the middle of the spacious room, this place may become the Ivy's only competition in Aventura for the legions of young professionals that live there and prefer not to drive 10 miles for dining in stylish surroundings.

This pic says it all - notice the dude on the left. Yeah, he likey his red winey.


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