Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cruising With Michael Schwartz

By now you've no doubt heard that Michael Schwartz and his team are heading up operations aboard Royal Caribbean's tasting-only restaurant 150 Central Park. Last month we were invited aboard to taste the goods at a six-course feast. Each dish showcased what the chef does well - straightforward presentations of simply prepared but well-executed food with great ingredient sourcing. The menu was also a Greatest Hits of Michael's since many of the dishes were delicate, tasting-portion sized version of the classics you'll find on his restaurant's regular menu. Herewith, the night in pictures.
Homemade ricotta with local beets.

Jumbo lump crab cake with carrot butter sauce.
Chef holding court with sommelier Eric Larkee on the right. 

Black cod with whipped parsnip and baby bok choy.

Harris Ranch short rib with romesco sauce.

Hedy's milk chocolate cremoso made it on board along with the espresso semifreddo.
The dining room where you'll partake of this bounty.

Fancy shmancy menus.


SteveBM said...

Nice pics. I think the cremoso is actually Schwartz's creation though...

sara said...

Oh really? I always assumed it was Hedy's. Guess I'll have to defer to the source, but considering you hold court at the bar more often than I, you may be right.