Friday, June 24, 2011

Mapping Makoto

I love me some Makoto, that's for all the world to see. Since they opened a few months ago I've been back half a dozen times. Which is more than I can say for most openings in town. I usually go once at the beginning and then get distracted by other openings. Hazards of the job. And yes, I know you're all "Oh, poor Sara. Has to bounce around town stuffing her face with delicious food while making sure her two year-old doesn't get soy sauce on the iPhone. What a hard life." Seriously, you feel my pain, and your empathy warms my heart.

But back to Makoto and their amazing food. The prices have crept up a bit, which is to be expected. But the rolls are still reasonable ($8) and the bento box - at $18-$22 - is one of the best deals in town.
New favorites:
- uni fettucine (which had a brief appearance on the menu and seems to have disappared)
- tempura asparagus (the best bar snack ever invented)
Old favorites:
- frozen Kobe fried rice whereby the meat cooks as you stir it in the rice and poached egg coats everything with richness (below)
- roasted shisito peppers
- spicy crispy tuna
- chilled udon with chicken and peanuts
- tea-crusted tuna tataki
It's hard to find weak items on the menu but I've found a few worth skipping.
- the toro tartare - the $24 would be better spent on two rolls or two of their noodle dishes
- the tuna air bread - at $12 for two pieces the value is just not there
On the horizon: participation in Miami Spice and a happy hour that incorporates sake and maki. So yeah, you'll probably see me at the bar with my toddler sometime soon.

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