Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crudo Oil

I'm in a crudo mood. Not carpaccio, not sashimi, not ceviche. Crudo. Paper-thin slices of fish slightly-marinated in the Italian tradition. Tiraditos, the dish's Peruvian cousin, are too boldly-spiced, too reliant on the zesty fire of aji amarillo. Altamare chef Simon Stojanovic understands the delicate dance of the crudo.  Meaty hunks of snapper are arrayed with shaved buddha's hand (a Japanese citrus) giving the dish a bitter bite. And below, thin slices of sheepshead are bathed in lemon and olive oil and topped with shaved hearts of palm and oranges. It's everything you want cured fish to be - bright, balanced, with a touch of crunch. But mostly silky, oceany.


SteveBM said...

I gotta give this one a try. There are many restos in Miami that bomb when it comes to crudo but this one looks pretty legit.

sara said...

Steve, I'm a little shocked you haven't been there, especially since it's a Michael's alum in the kitchen. Get thee to Lincoln Road!