Saturday, December 04, 2010

Native Shoes Art Basel Pop-Up

Native Shoes is hosting a pop-up shop this weekend at the Friends With You Rainbow City installation in the Design District. The shoes are sort of the happy love child of Crocs and Ked's or Chuck Taylors. I'm sort of in love with them. Also, they gave me a free pair to try out and I broke them in over a day hard core Baseling and was impressed with how they held up. I got a pair of tiny stompers for my toddler and the little dude loves them, refusing to wear anything but the red slip-ons. And for someone with an amphibious lifestyle ( i.e. constantly navigating water sports or rainy climates) they are truly brilliant, whimsical, and fun. If only the world would embrace wackiness more often. The spongy material is akin to walking on a firm marshmallow. The playful holes provide much needed A/C for overworked toes. There are those who refuse to give in, who shun the mere suggestion that the candy-colored sneaks could be respectable footwear. And to those I say - endure the agony of de feet.
Adult shoes: $49
Kids: $38


Anonymous said...

artsy crocs?

sara said...

In a way, yes. Plus, they are waymore stylish...Or, as stylish as plastic shoes can be.