Thursday, April 29, 2010

Via Luna Grand Opening

The Ritz Ft. Lauderdale kicked off their new Italian restaurant Via Luna last night. I was excited for this because I love me a good Ritz party - plenty of food, drink and Lauderdale dudes.

The food: pasta stations with the chef's signature meatballs - a mixture of beef, veal and pork. Meat carving stations with rib eye, veal, sausage. The chef holding court at the outdoor pizza station facing the ocean. A salad spread with tableside Caesar salads.

The dessert buffet was a secret nook overflowing with mini key lime tarts, martini glasses filled with tiramesu, nutella-stuffed beignets, and cannolis studded with crunchy chocolate bits. I lurve crunchy chocolate bits.

You know the party's good when the publicists are smiling.

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