Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Snack @ Sosta

Checked out Lincoln Road gourmet pizza place Sosta the other day. I'll sum up my observations in list form to make things easier for you (but really, for me).
- The interior is high-style without being too flashy. Nice open kitchen where a team churns out thin-crust pies and works the rotating pizza oven. Everything is shiny and bright and clean, including that very visible kitchen.
- Either the A/C doesn't work or they keep it really warm in there because, well, it was really warm in there. I'm not a fan of the arctic temps most restaurants down here maintain but it would be nice to feel a difference between sitting indoors and out. And, for the time being the only seating is indoors.
- There's a very Italiano vibe, both from the hostess and the chefs behind the bar.
- Plenty of wine on hand, always a good thing.
- They use a water filtration system and recycle the glass bottles - nice eco-touch. The filtered water - flat or sparkling - is $3.50/bottle.
- As for the pizzas - thin crust, maybe a bit too thin for my liking. I prefer a little more chew and less crack to the dough. The sauce is zesty, the cheese not too greasy. As a result the pizza is light and each pie could easily feed one hungry me or two people along with a salad a side like the fried zucchini.
- In terms of pizza on Lincoln, this is a more sophisticated spot to sit than Spris, but I like the pies at Spris better - both in terms of crust texture and dough flavor.


The Chowfather said...

I liked Sosta a lot and that picture you posted looks perfect. My crust wasn't that crispy and I thought it complemented the sauce and cheese perfectly.

sara said...

Hey Chowfather. I'll have to give it another try. Just seemed too light to me. I prefer a little more heft to my pies.