Sunday, December 09, 2007

Food at Basel

Finding good eats at Basel events is often a survival-of-the-fittest proposition. Too many people, lots of free booze and not enough nibbles to go around can quickly hamper a fun night. So we have become Darwinian nightlife beasts and managed to snag choice bites at various events around town. Thursday night's Seven for All Mankind Conde Nast party yielded delectable treasures including truffle cheese fries, olive mini-paninis and luscious tuna tartar. The Raleigh's Russia Miami party Friday night was a shmorgasboard of Rusky delights with several cabanas overflowing with platters of cheeses, candied fruits, smoked fish and caviar. Below are some highlights.

A dessert platter at In Fashion '07 event Monday night.
As is always the case with party food, the more fried the better. Below, fried lobster tail at the Setai of rthe UFC book launch event.

Also at the Setai and also fried - mini beignet-type things. Also known as donut holes to those of us who were weaned on Dunkin Donuts and Entemann's.

Tomato-goat cheese pastry puffs.

And duck dumplings.

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