Friday, May 05, 2006

Mint Launch @ Big Fish

Miami's condo party circuit has been feeling a little lean these days. Gone are the days when fireworks and fashion shows heralded the opening of yet another posh sales center. No more Star Jones hosting mega-watt pseudo-red-carpet shindigs. These days it's the rare and lucky partygoer who gets to enjoy spectacle AND look at floorplans in the same sip of a mojito.

Then along comes Fortune Realty and rekindles that Miami optimism, that need to dress in white and enjoy a magnificent sunset, real estate pundits be damned. The organizers spared no expense when it came to this event. Heck, we were partying like it was 2004! There was a certain carefree ambiance to the whole affair, a caution-to-the-wind kind of sensibility that said "Condo bust? What real estate bubble?" There were caged dancers, top-shelf open bar, mountains of tuna tartar, heaps of bruschetta, trays of champagne flutes, and of course, Mint-branded mints.

The invitation stipulated white attire and Miamians, loyal patrons of the nightlife that they are, obliged wholeheartedly. Although the abundance of white clad constituents made everyone seem like they were Delano employees slagging off work. Plus, it was hard to scan for tray-bearing waiters, who God bless them, did an incredible job of pushing simultaneously strange (what were those soggy tortilla cups of mushroom spread?) and delicious nibbles on the increasingly gyrating crowd.

Unless you were a feather headressed dancer, in which case your dresscode specified "nude bodysuit." And then some.

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