Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Product Review: Body Glove Rashguard

Swimming in South Florida is sometimes the only way to beat the scorching, moist, sauna-like climate that graces this lovely pocket of the universe. But one thing I noticed when I started swimming regularly is that I get way more sun exposure than necessary. I may be dark, but there's no way I'm getting darker. And taking a quick survey of the leathery, fluted hides of my fellow Miamians reveals that sun damage is nothing to scoff at; thus the rashguard.
The body glove is the new tan. I simply lurve this swimming accessory. If only I could cover my entire body in this skin-protecting lycra! But alas, the long-sleeve version will have to suffice for now. Plus, I'm not sure how the folks at my community pool would take to my doing laps in a full wetsuit. Bottom line: I feel like an aquatic superhero when I wear this bad boy.

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