Thursday, September 14, 2006

Art Loves Baked Goods

Saturday night was Art night in Wynwood, a time to get real, get gritty, and enjoy the fruits of our city's young art world labor force. Marc Roder's show (above) at Dorsch Gallery was clever, or maybe I'm just drawn to the title, being a word gal at heart. This gallery-night phenomenon is transformative; usually desolate streets near downtown Miami are suddenly filled with the shouts, giggles, and clickety-clacks of high-heeled art patrons. There's always some cheap wine being offered, and in the case of Kevin Bruk's gallery, a mountain of delicious chocolate chip cookies just ripe for the taking. Some gallery goers approached the pile delicately, unsure whether or not it was an installation piece or for snacking. It was the latter, though a cookie installation piece sounds really good....

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