Monday, September 25, 2006

Miami Spice Review: Blue Door @ The Delano

You know the drill at the Delano: billowy white curtains, whimsical light fixtures, candles everywhere, used to be only filled with pretty people but now the door policy is less snooty and more inclusive, etc. She may be played out and copied in boutique hotels around the world, but the Delano's still got it, and so does her flagship restaurant, Blue Door.
Service was excellent, with courses coming out in timed precision, water glasses always filled, and absolutely no attitude from the staff. So refreshing!
The food was fantastic, with equal parts experimentation and traditional french-inspired options.
My Miami Spice menu choices:
Appetizer:BIG RAVIOLI (Jumbo Ravioli Filled with Taro Root Mousseline, White Truffle Oil and Light Mushroom Foam). Loved the foam, loved the taro root filling, all of it was earthy, light and pleasing. A generous portion, too.
Main course: THON CONFIT (Caramelized miso tuna with oven sweet tomatoes, shallots, capers, garlic and parsley, vinaigrette and crispy beignets). Very nice piece of tuna, expertly cooked as ordered, I am sucker for capers so I was immediately sold. (A side note: at $37 normally priced, I would not have been as satisfied - not enough to justify that price.)
Dessert: CHOCOPISTACHIO (Melted Chocolate Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream). The cake was delectable molten chocolate lava. The ice cream provided the necessary nutty coolness.
Overall: A great dining experience, only one more week to try it at the Miami Spice price. Highly recommended!

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