Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dim Sum Disco: Q & A With Chef Jonathan Wright

It's no surprise that the Dim Sum Disco event at the Setai has already sold out. At $150/ticket it's one of the more affordable events at this year's South Beach Wine and Food Fest. The price of admission nets you three hours of cocktails, Gloria Gaynor's greatest hits and five serious chefs (including Ming Tsai, David Muñoz Rosillo of DiverXo in Madrid and Tim Cushman of o ya in Boston) whipping up loads of dumplings and Asian goodness. Curious as to what's on the menu? Here's a quick rundown via Setai Executive Chef Jonathan Wright.

What types of cocktails can we expect?

There will be a variety of cocktails, among them will be some of our most popular Asian flavored libations including the Asian Picnic (smoked pork belly-infused Jack Daniels Bourbon, chile syrup, compressed watermelon-citrus-shiso) and the Ipanema made with blueberries, basil, Pensato Balsamic Vinegar and Leblon Cachaca.

In terms of the food, will it be traditional dim sum or more of a contemporary take?

As far as the dim sum goes, we’ll be presenting refined modern dim sum where we use flavored stock instead of water to make the doughs – some are flavored with truffle, some with stock made from Serrano ham. The fillings include braised oxtail, duck confit, cured foie gras, truffles – we have one which is a scallop, layered with black truffle and wrapped in Iberico ham, wrapped in puff pastry and baked.

There are also slow cooked duck eggs served with a jellied Peking duck broth and envoi mushrooms, as well as sea urchin and caviar with pickled ginger, wrapped in thinly sliced salmon, shiso leaves and then deep fried in tempura batter. We are preparing a Malaysian Laksa with crab claws, noodles and poached quail eggs. The thing with dim sum is that there are so many options, they are so versatile – it’s the Asian version of tapas. We plan on offering at least 20 different dishes -- We have five chefs, each presenting dim sum that represents their own to style and restaurant.

Logistically how will it all work? Buffet? Stations? Dim sum carts?

The visiting chefs will all have stations that surround our open exhibition kitchen and we will also be preparing some our restaurants signature dishes. There will be a focus on some classic dim sum such as Har Gau, chive dumplings, steamed buns and siew mai. Some of these items will be served from passing bamboo dim sum carts. We will also be passing dishes in the courtyard and restaurant area. There will be two bars in the restaurant serving specialty cocktails.

Can you share some info on that dim sum master you’re bringing in for the event?

Philip Ho is my dim sum Chef and he prepares all the dim sum for the Setai Miami Beach. I’m lucky to work with a number of master Asian chefs here at the Setai. The Restaurant at the Setai is a very unique operation because we have specialty chefs form Thailand, China, India, Malaysia and they all work under the guidance of Charlie Chang our Chef de Cuisine from Singapore.

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