Monday, September 22, 2008

Sonicare White Party

Last week I found myself on the Gansevoort rooftop talking oral hygiene. Seriously discussing tooth brushing techniques, flossing habits and the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry. Miami is glamorous like that. It was all prompted by a sunset soiree thrown by the good folks at Phillips Sonicare, people who care deeply about your smile and want to make the world a more pearly white place, one electric tooth brush at a time. As we lounged on the tangerine-colored cabanas and sipped Veev cocktails we resolved to try this new-fangled brush and see if indeed its claims of whitening your teeth two shades in two weeks holds true. I've never been one for tooth-bleaching so this seems like a somewhat organic option. Didn't help that every time the kind Sonicare lady said "oral" we all stifled giggles. Sunsets and cocktails will do that you.

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