Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blue Sea @ The Delano

Was privy to a new menu preview at Blue Sea at the Delano last night. The sushi restaurant has one of the more quirky interiors in the city. The "dining room" is essentially one long marble communal high-top table that juts out into the swanky lobby. This makes for fantastic people watching as you ogle the parade of tourists and party goers who glide into the hotel on a nightly basis.

We tried a ceviche sampler composed of tuna, salmon and octopus (the citrusy salmon was a standout), a seaweed salad with baby octopus (nice and snappy), a shrimp tempura roll with mango and avocado (below), tuna "lollipops" made with kimchee, spicy mayonaise and topped with gold flakes, a spicy lobster salad with wasabi peas and fiery wasabi sauce and a sashimi platter of tuna, wahu and escolar. While you can still get conventional maki rolls at this white sushi den, these new additions give the Asian menu a more sophisticated dimension.

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