Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stormhoek Wines Hosts Miami Bloggers @ 8 1/2

Last week Stormhoek Wines hosted a Miami bloggers event for the sole reason of getting a bunch of local bloggers to network, get tipsy, and then, you about it. Well, it worked. The event was held at the newly minted 8 1/2 Restuarant, a compact, stylish eatery attached to the Clinton hotel with a charming outdoor patio boasting the smallest dipping pool imaginable. The wines were very drinkable (the "Pinotage" was a big hit), the creatively prepared appetizers that the gracious wait staff brought around were delectable, and the crowd was....interesting.

Friendly bloggers networked all around with the faces behind Greener Miami, Consumable Joy, Miami Beach 411, and the infamous White Dade all in attendance. Everything went quite swimmingly, despite the organizers giving a goofy but well-intentioned presentation about the South African winery and their guerrilla-marketing technique of using bloggers to get the word out. It's very Malcom Gladwell of them - find the mavens and use them. If exploiting drunken bloggers is the new marketing trend, then, "L'chaim," I say.

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