Monday, August 28, 2006

Green Room Society Launch @ The Setai

The Setai (or the Setizzle as I affectionately call it) was the place to be Saturday if you love Performing Arts! Or, alternatively if you were simply interested in the free drinks and meeting droves of young, beautiful, professional-esque people. The Miami Performing Arts Center's young patrons group "The Green Room Society" hosted their first event to a 400-plus crowd of sophisticated tropical urbanites. The zen-like hotel has not had this much under-40 action since, well....ever. Blame it on the steep drink prices and lack of real party promotion, but the Setai is usually pretty quiet on any given night. Yet the Green Room Society party proves that when she puts her mind to it, the Setai can certainly throw a party that puts the Sagamore to shame. The champagne was flowing, the affable waitstaff proffered pyramids of scalding veggie spring rolls, and the crowd networked, lolled by the pool, and generally did their Miami nightlife thing. The reflecting pool courtyard overflowed with every young Miamian with an email address and there was particular traffic jams by the doors where bemused waitresses wafted trays of Bombay martinis that miraculously disappeared before they could make their way into the courtyard.

And oh was it hot! The usually breezy outdoor space held the heat of all those chatty young bodies to the point where people sought shelter by the indoor lobby bar, $17 drinks prices be damned!

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