Saturday, April 24, 2010

Momofuku Soft Serve Adventure

We're in NYC for the weekend, and the weather's amazing, the pasty people of this fair city are finally emerging from their winter hibernation and in honor of Earth Day everyone is feeling green. We're staying in Midtown East so like any loyal food blogger I make a pilgrimage to a David Chang outlet. In this case it was his new midtown outpost Ma Peche and the adjacent sweets counter called Milk Bar. The goal: artisanal soft serve. The result: fancy ice cream. I opted for a swirl of the two flavors - cereal milk (made from the sweet brew you get when soaking a bowl of cornflakes) and pistachio salted caramel. The pistachio flavor was incredibly rich and had a dense texture. I was impressed with how you could taste each element of the mixture with the nutty notes breaking through the salty sweet caramel veil. The milk cereal really tempered all that craziness with a nice, mellow corny bite. But $4.50 for a tiny cup? David Chang is porking all the way to the bank.


Danny Brody said...

I thought the soft-serve was so delicious-next time I will start with it, move on to the 'crack pie', and just avoid the actual food for lunch which was just ok. Sorry I didn't run into you!

Sara said...

Danny Brody! What a blast from the past. Miami isn't the same without you. Sorry I missed you in NYC, would have been nice to catch up.

Danny Brody said...

If you are ever in DC.... :)