Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boozy Brunch @ The Angler's

The Angler's recently launched a weekend brunch with a pretty attractive feature: an unlimited Bloody Mary and Champagne bar where $14 grants you the run of a tableside cart of fixings including Chianti Cured Salami. (And the cart attendant was pretty attractive too.) If you’re in the Mimosa mood, there are fresh juices, peach and strawberry purees and St. Germaine available to spike the bubbly.
The vibe is relaxed, and this past Sunday there was an Argentinean DJ curating the sounds which veered to loungey Euro mixes. The menu covers usuals like Steak and Eggs, Smoked Salmon on bagels and Eggs Bennedict. Prices are reasonable - $8-$14. Everything we tried was fine, not mind-blowing but good enough to soak up all that alchy without making you feel too heavy on a hot day.
Best in show: banana nutella pancakes. It's something I would have come up with in college after a night of too much cheap beer at keg parties. Here the pancakes hit all the right sweet, carby, rich chocolatey notes.

Saturdays and Sundays, 11am-5pm, 660 Washington Ave, 305-534-9600.


SteveBM said...

Sounds good!

SteveBM said...

Wait a minute... Feb 20th? This one mustve got lost at APD headquarters haha

sara said...

Hah, no, sorry about the confusion (things are a little wonky here at APD HQ). Actually that's when they launched the brunch but we were there this past weekend. It'll probably continue through the summer.