Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ice Cream Will Be the End of Me

And we're back. I'll have you know the pricey soft serve shenninigans continued throughout the weekend. $9.64 for a large pomegranate swirl at Pinkberry (it came with unlimited toppings so I had her pack on at least $3 worth of blackberries onto that bad boy) and $8 for a "pint" of the most delicious ice cream I've ever consumed via truck - the Van Leeuwen coffee/ice cream wagon was parked at the Earth Day festivities outside Grand Central Station and it was hard to resist. With flavors like ginger, red currant and giandujia (made with Michel Cluizel chocolate), I was going for value (one scoop was four bucks so I figured why not go whole hog). They were able to indulge me with three different flavors packed into a grande coffee cup - Earl Grey, mint chip (with Cluizel chocolate flakes) and that giandujia with Piedmont hazelnuts. God, I felt like such a yuppy.

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