Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Art Basel of Cars

We're up in Amelia Island this weekend, checking out the mother of all classic car shows - the Concourse d'Elegance.

We're also here to check out BMW's swanky new 5 Series Gran Turismo, sort of European touring car. We test-drove the car all the way up here (a rainy, rainy six-hour drive) so more on that later. I'm not much of a car connosieur (in fact, until I moved to Florida seven years ago I never owned a car) but I can't help but be drawn in to this celebration of chrome, steel and leather.

Not only are there amazing vintage cars here that are auctioned off for obscene prices (some for as much as $1million-plus) but every luxury brand is here showing off their beauties and offering the public test-drives. Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, Bentley - the list goes on and on.
For now I leave you with a few pics of some speed wagons of yore. If this car doesn't scream Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I don't what does.


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thanks for the post. great story and thanks for the pics. you wont see those everywhere.