Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feasting at Google

Spending a week at the Google campus has given me a new outlook on the beast that is the corporate cafeteria. Google's amazing food program has been well-documented and while there are plenty of perks enjoyed by employees that are not food-related, I was predictably obsessed with getting all that organic bounty into ma belly.

My first encounter came in the form of a Micro Kitchen (above), located in every office cluster. A micro kitchen is a pot-smoking munchie fiend's dream. Albeit, one that cares about fair trade coffee, organic cheese crackers and Vitamin Water. The caffeine options are impressive - espresso machines, a fresh bean grinder, lovely hand stitched green tea bags and Guru energy drinks. Then there are the snacks: bags of Pirate's Booty, Kettle Chips, blue corn chips, organic animal crackers, almonds, pistachios, wasabi-flavored rice cakes. Glass jars of cereals, protein bars, dried fruit, yogurt. Oh, and if that's not enough, there are refrigerators of Naked Juice in every lobby, in case you need a little spirulina smoothie to get you going. After sampling every variety I concluded that Mighty Mango is the best.
Raiding the micro kitchen everyday I wondered how any Googler did any work when there was so much productive snacking to be done. Combine that with the fact that some micro kitchens are flanked by pool tables and table tennis set-ups and you have a recipe for a lot of hanging out time.
Next up, the cafeterias.


Cool Mike said...

Wow, this must've been fun! Are you trying to work there?

sara said...

Nope, just tagging along on my hubby's business trip. It was fun though!

Steviachick said...

I have had the pleasure to visit that cafeteria and eat there. Google is probably the most friendly space to work at: they even have electric scooters that you can ride around to get from one part of the huge building to another! And the hallways smell like the coffee because there is a coffe/snack corner just a short "scooter-ride" away :-D
Tried the Guru Energy drink too...mmmmm, they really treat their people well, Guru was good!