Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cutbacks at the Art Basel Camp

Remember the fleet of BMW's that used to ferry VIP's during Art Basel? Well, that's a relic of the high-falootin' past. Conde Nast Portfolio reports that BMW has pulled out sponsorship at this year's fair.
What's next? No champagne in the Collector's Lounge?
Fret not, the bubbly is still secure thanks to a lounge sponsored by Ruinart featuring works by Maarten Baas.
Thank gawd.


Anonymous said...

I think this actually really sucks. It was pretty easy, for me at least, to get a ride from one of those cars even though I'm not a vip. They wanted a tip, but what's five bucks when my drunken ass gets a ride home all the way to Miami Shores.

sara said...

Fret not, Audi has signed on for this year. So pimp that ride!