Friday, November 21, 2008

California Burrito Madness

I've been in Northern California all week working on a project at the Googleplex (more on that later) and made it my mission to consume a burrito a day.
I'm an ambitious gal.
Best in show has been La Costena with what they claim is the world's largest burrito. Bring it on, I said to the abuella behing the counter. I was ready for a monstrous tube of Mexican gooey goodness and indeed it was. Really two flour tortillas wrapped in each other, it's like a double-burrito for $9.79. The fork below gives you some idea of scale. What makes a burrito the stuff of legends is the freshness of ingredients, good salsa, not overly-mushy beans, crunchy tomates and cilantro and this baby had it all. Of course I couldn't move for a good hour afterward, but it's a small price to pay for a caliente treat.

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