Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Ramble in Macau

Ok, so yesterday was one of those 20-hour days when you're traveling and one thing leads to another and you're completely unprepared but then you realize none of that really matters. We started out in Hong Kong doing some filming (as a side project on this trip we decided to film a short with one of out actors from Foreign Devils. What can I say? Clearly we are indie movie-making machines. And we're insane.) First we filmed a bunch of scenes at the knock-off market called "Ladies Market" in Mong Kok but the girls who work there were really freaked out by the camera and got very testy and pissed at us. Plus, we were attempting to bargain for things and, according to them, we had "joke prices." They are tough as nails, those counterfeit market girls.
Next we did a scene at the Hong Kong Harbour - misty and golden at 4pm. Then we decided to head to Macau thinking it's like Las Vegas and they'll have ferries running to and from there all night. Turns out, that's not the case. The last ferry leaves at 7pm, and considering we got there at 6pm that meant we were going to spend the night if we wanted to see anything. So, with 2 cameras, one rumpled actor and no toothbrushes or clean clothes we decided what the heck, what happens in Macau stays in Macau. Yeah baby!
On the shuttle bus to the Wynn Casino we met this wacky dude Michael, a Persian Jewish guy from LA, or "Irangeles" as he put it. He was loud, funny and had a business plan for a toy/TV show. We decided he had to be in our movie. Luckily, he obliged. After running up to his room to shower and freshen up he met us downstairs at the Wynn's "Cinnabar" and we proceeded to film an improv scene with him and our brave actor (who was sustained by a dinner of Oreos on the ferry ride over). The Wynn was super-posh and an exact replica of the Vegas counterpart. Macau is definitely a rising world hot spot - the variety of people there was fascinating. Blond sorrority girls, wealthy gay couples, Chinese businessmen - and Portuguese street signs - totally worth seeing.

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