Friday, October 05, 2007

Articles and Updates...

Loyal readers you may have noticed that blogging's been a bit erratic the past few weeks. Apologies.
I been rilly, rilly busy.
Firstly, there's this whole Jewish Holidays business - 3 in one month, folks. It's no joke. Plus, we've been busy editing a rough cut of Foreign Devils (it's finally done!) and sending it off to festivals. And my sister has been in town and keeping me busy shuttling her from one shopping excursion to the next. (No luck at Sawgrass, though I did see a pair of Manolos for $125 but that's not how I roll.) And of course, there are the actual writing assignments that fuel this hedonistic lifestyle of mine. Above is the story I wrote for the Herald's Home & Design mag on NiBa owner Beth Arrowwood's new home. I've also got a couple of stories in the new issue of MIAMI including a Q & A with chef Govind Armstrong and a profile of artist Facundo Poj. There's also a neighborhood profile of Belle Meade in the October issue of HOME Miami but their site still has the August issue up so look for it at a stack on Lincoln Road.

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