Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Night Out with Jeff Morr

Whenever I'm on Plum TV's morning show Jeff Morr and I always say We've Got to do Dinner, When are we doing dinner, You and I have to do dinner. So we finally got together recently and in a Beijing-y mood we chose Miss Yip's Olympics Menu for feasting. And yes, it was a feast. Be prepared to eat. The menu is for 4 but there was more than enough food and plenty of variety. Dinner starts with egg rolls and a dim sum sampler with about 8 buns (a mixture of vegetable, shrimp and pork). Next come the 5 mains which included mu shu chicken, Mongolian beef, Peking shrimp, bok choy and black bean fish. Oh, and lo mein.

Joining us that evening was his cousin Inbar, visiting from Israel and apparently a great cook in his own right. In between bites of spicy Sichuan fish and crisp bock choy we talked restaurants, restaurants, restaurants. Jeff Morr loves food and he loves to check out restaurants. He's known as a real estate developer (Majestic Properties ring a bell?) but his passion is talk television. "I want to be the next Oprah." In addition to his hosting duties on DayBreak he hopes to launch a real estate talk show on Plum, a topic Miamians can talk about endlessly.

So what did I learn that evening? He eats at Icebox everyday. He loves Kris Wessel's Red Light and had the best steak of his life at Kobe Club. His fave Miami spot is Francesco's in the Gables for amazing Peruvian eats. "Order the ceviche sampler, the lomo saltado and ask for Peirro. He's the best waiter." Casa Toscana is a MUST for anyone who loves food. "She has this homemade pear and ricotta tortellini that is amazing." Cote Gourmet in Miami Shores has fantastic French food - "the pea soup, a beautiful chicken salad and the most incredible chocolate wafer dessert."
And twice daily he drinks a concoction of 1 tsp. organic apple cider vinegar mixed with 1/2 cup water (or orange juice) that is apparently invigorating and cleansing. By the time dessert rolled around (two huge bowls of lychees and fortune cookies) we had talked travel (Mexico, Poland, Australia), discussed the pros and cons of the iPhone vs. the blackberry (Me: I think I need a big screen. Jeff: The blackberry is like a Mercedes; it just works. The iPhone is like a Maserati, too much flash.) and pondered America's economic future. As Michael Phelps's image beamed down on us from the restaurant's big screen TV (tuned to the Olympics, of course) winning yet another gold medal, we made our way into the sultry Miami night, full of great Chinese food and lots to think about.

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