Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miami.com Lookin Good

Miami.com has launched its beta site and it is a treasure chest of content. This is exactly the site I wish existed when I first moved down here years ago. I am loving the different themed guides and stellar photography. I even have a few articles in there. Kudos to the editor for hiring local bloggers like Paula from MangoandLime to spread some original and fantastic writing on the web.


Anonymous said...

I think when they get all the kinks worked out, it's going to be a great resource. I'm also glad that it's not going to be just a retread of articles in the Herald that you've already read.

sara said...

I agree. They really made an effort to put together original, *useful* content. So refreshing!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a great addition... it's not easy putting out a website. I'm sure it'll get better.