Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Inside Out Magazine Celebrates w/ Jonathan Adler

I have been a 'lil busy the past couple of days and thus a naughty blogger. Do forgive me, love, and though these party pics be a bit tardy, enjoy the revelry post-haste.
Onto the festivities!

Last week Jonathan Adler played host to Florida Inside Out magazine's one-year anniversary at his charming Lincoln Road store. It seems like only yesterday when I hoisted sails up to a Boca Raton Robb & Stucky store to welcome the new mag and was thoroughly impressed with the high-level content and layout. The Jonathan Adler store was jam-packed with local design and magazine glitterati and happy, luxe, nostalgic home furnishings. Jonathan (wearing the green polo on the right) was hospitable and friendly, kind of like his decorative pillows.

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