Thursday, July 13, 2006

Make Way for the Ice Aroma Stampede

Aroma comes to America! Actually just to New York! And they changed the names of the sandwiches. But the coffee's still great! And according to Canonist, the store has already become the requisite site to hold anti-Israel protests. It's interesting given the fact that the coffee chain is downplaying it's Israeli roots with this new venture
The target audience, at least during the early stages, is Israelis living in New York that are familiar with the taste of the Iraqi sandwich. "“We realize that during the first few weeks we will rely on Israelis that are familiar with Aroma and this will remind them of home," says Milevitski. "But in the long run, we are counting on the American crowds. Aroma will not be an Israeli coffee shop in New York. We don'’t have a menu in Hebrew, we will not have newspapers from Israel, and we will not showcase the local Israeli channel on the television screen."
I wonder if ordering in America will have the same rapid-fire banter ordering in Israel requires. The plethora of questions are designed to drive you insane. For example:
"Ready to order?"
"Yes. One latte"
"Small or large?"
"Umm, small. Also, an eggplant sandwich."
"The single, the double, or the quadruple ( 4 halves)"
"Oh, the double...I guess"
"Which type of bread?"
"oh, umm, what kinds are there?"
(sweating) "dark bread, yeah dark"
"just forget it, ok, forget, it, I'll just go to the falafel stand!"

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