Monday, June 26, 2006

Fri, Sat, Sun

Here's a tour through the cooky apartment of Amy Sedaris (brother of David and talent behind cult TV show "Strangers With Candy"). Predictably, her living space has all kinds of quirky items like fake foods on display and figurines of squirrels but the article also sheds light on her difficult past and that she's a real trooper. The film version of SWC comes out this week and if it is anything close to the cringe-genius comedy of the TV show, it will surely satisfy her legions of fans. If unfamiliar with the show, go out and rent the DVD, as it promises to make you laugh in the most uncomfortable and unexpected ways.
"Strangers With Candy" revolves around Ms. Sedaris's character Jerri Blank, which was inspired by a former substance abuser turned motivational speaker featured in a documentary Mr. Dinello found in a video store. "The film was terrible and preachy, and the woman looked like Michael Dukakis," Ms. Sedaris said. But it propelled her to start playing an overweight 46-year-old who decides to go back to high school after years spent as a drug addict and prostitute. "Strangers With Candy" is at once a wry and puerile comment on our cultural obsession with prolonged adolescence. In the film Jerri competes in a science fair in the hope that it will rouse her father out of a coma.
My favorite line from the show involves Jerri asking some popular girls what their plans are for the weekend and she phrases it something like "You doin' anything on Fri, Sat, Sun?" The social awkwardness contained in that line is brilliant.

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