Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Yin and Yang of Twee Pop

Local scribe John Hood hates on Vampire Weekend.
I disagree. Obviously.
Give in to the infectious melodies, John. Embrace the brainy lyrics.
It's OK. We'll still think you're cool.


Harry said...

I listened to their album a couple of times and the novelty wore off after a few listens...Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the listens, it just got old quite fast and I feel like I don't have the desire to listen anymore. Pretty forgettable. But I believe that they do have a great album in them.

L2M said...

Look outside the raincoats come. Oh.

Screw the New Times reviewers. They freaking walk out halfway through concernts they're covering (see Foo Fighters review).

VW is playing in Orlando on June 7.

sara said...

harry - I don't think they're as novelty-ish as people think. I really dig the lyrics. Maybe I just miss the Upper West Side too much...

l2m - We should totally drive up to 'Lando for the show! I haven't done that in ages. We can recruit Blind Mind and make it a Miami blogger music pilgrimage.

Blind Mind said...

That would be awesome. Hopefully Im in town and if so, its on like Donkey Kong.