Friday, March 28, 2008

Vegan Treats

Note to self: do not read about food before you've had your morning brekkie (that's breakfast speak, New Zealand-style). First there's a luscious pic and description of vegan cupcakes on Daily Candy and then a spot on banana-sesame-agave cakes at NYC's Birdbath. I am seriously jonesing for some animal-product-free baked goods.


Shawn said...

Based on this post me, Elad and my sister and bro-in-law stopped by Smash to try out the Vegan Cupcakes (my sis and bro are Vegan). They were really good! Nice and fresh and tasty. I wouldn't say they were the best cupcake ever but I totally enjoyed it. We all split a cookies and cream, carrot cake (my fav) and she said it was german chocolate but it didn't taste anything like it (but still very good). One thing...they were a bit pricey ($2.75 for what they said was a large cupcake but I thought it was pretty small - they also have $1.50 "small cupcakes" but I guess those were out of stock).

sara said...

Ooh, those sound superb. I heart carrot cake. But $2.75 does seem like a bit much. When did baked goods become such a high-priced indulgence?