Saturday, March 22, 2008

Macau Musings

I was looking through some photo folders and realized I never posted much about our trip to Macau/Hong Kong back in October. To rectify, here are some vibes from the Asian continent.

This is a shot of Macau early in the morning. The casinos are in full swing 24 hours a day, of course, but outside the streets are quiet. Portuguese colonial architecture and Chinese paper lanters share the landscape. For all its global relevance, Macau feels like a provincial island. We walked around at 7am for about an hour and barely saw anyone.

Bar snacks at the Wynn Casino's Cinnabar. Fancy potato chips, herbed breadsticks and spiced cashews. We polished off three rounds of the snacks.

The interior of the gargantuan Venetian Casino. I can not possibly convey the vastness of this casino. When you are in the main game room, you can not see to the end of the room. It's like a repeating montage of chandeliers, gamblers and tables. Chandeliers. Gamblers. Tables. No end in site. It is the highest grossing casino for the Venetian group. I only have this pic because security guards made me stop taking pictures. Probably has something to do with people cheating and that kind of thing.

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