Monday, October 16, 2006

Key to the Cure @ Saks

The "Key to the Cure" shopping event at Saks Fifth Ave last Thursday night was filled with oodles of ladies who love to shop (and some charitable gentlemen who love women who love to shop), lots of tasty tastings from upscale restaurants, a drag queen, women who very easily pass for drag queens, bars serving Grey Goose martinis and of course, Nicky Hilton. All in all, it was a night to guiltlessly purchase anything and everything since a portion of proceeds benefited breast cancer research. Local celeb Elaine Lancaster herself (above) kept the ladies dancing a jig as they tried on their Jimmy Choos by spinning to a tipsy, credit-card-wielding crowd. In between bites of butternut-squash ice cream, sips of a watermelon pink martini, and juggling a plethora of perfume samples, I managed to snap a few pics for your enjoyment.

Lots of high-end restaurants came out to dish delicate portions of very lovely food. Acqualina's display (above) garnered some wistful sighs from the coiffed females briskly making their way through the second floor, though the caramel dessert was to sweet for its own good.

Generous sponsors of the event included Mercedes, Ocean Drive, Norma Quintero and the always gracious Romero Britto who designed signature scarves exclusively for the event. He patiently signed each one (above) and even bought some designer duds to benfit the cause.

Nicky Hilton did a well-staged and relentlessly papparazzi'ed walk through the entire store and even chatted with local plebes (above) and she waited for her handlers to whisk her to a special station where she bought something, while the cameras flashed away. Apologies for the blurry pic but it was a challenge catching Nicky in action while balancing a glass of white wine and a plate of tuna and watermelon ceviche courtesy of Social Miami at the Sagamore. Speaking of tuna, there was a whole lot of it to be consumed walking the aisles of Saks. I guess it was an easy dish to serve since it didn't require heating and could basically be cut and served to order, but seriously people, how many ways can you sear that tuna? Whether topped with jicama slaw from Nikki Beach, or candied yams from Azul, raw fish was in abundance.

And what would a party be without duck pancetta? Everyone's favorite overpriced Overtown eatery Karu and Y made sure to represent with their signature geometric skewers of dehydrated delectables and some very delicious watermelon gazpacho. Looks like they're doing something right over there in gentrification-ville.


Unknown said...

I'm already tired of this place Karu - it's too pretentious without a basis. It's really not it's all "cracked" up to be over there in Overtown. (pun intended)

sara said...

It is indeed petentious but I'm curious to see how well they do after Art Basel when everyone has seen it and it's no longer a curiosity.